Friday, June 26, 2009

Cage the Elephant - Lollapalooza Artist of the Day

Thanks, Schubas, from eliminating one of my conflicts. As if deciding between Kaiser Chiefs and the Airborne Toxic Event wasn't difficult enough, throwing Cage the Elephant into the mix made it downright impossible. As a friend said, they are going to be great in a small venue. I can't wait!

I didn't really know much about this band until a couple of months ago. Now I love them!

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

In One Ear

Cage the Elephant on MySpace

Official Site

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kaiser Chiefs - Lollapalooza Artist of the Day

I have seen the Kaiser Chiefs, um... there was that show at the Park West and the one at The Vic... Have I really only seen them twice? I thought it was more than that.

I was leaning towards the Airborne Toxic Event until I started watching some of these videos. Now I'm more confused than ever.

Every Day I Love You Less and Less

Oh My God

The Angry Mob

Kaiser Chiefs on MySpace

Official Site

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Airborne Toxic Event - Lollapalooza Artist of the Day

I saw The Airborne Toxic Event at Schubas back in February (with The Henry Clay People, another band who will be at Lolla). It was a great set, thought the lead singer's voice wasn't so good that night. I think he was having problems with it.

I was glad I saw them in February because when the Coachella lineup came out they were part of a huge conflict on Friday. The Airborne Toxic Event, the Hold Steady, and Los Campesinos! were all playing at the same time. I ended up choosing Los Campesinos! because they were the one I hadn't seen before. Part of me regrets not seeing the Airborne Toxic Event again.

Anyway, everyone I know who has seen the Airborne Toxic Event live has liked them. The fact that they cover "Goodbye Horses" is a plus.

Does This Mean You're Moving On

Something New (Acoustic)

Happiness Is Overrated (Acoustic)

Goodbye Horses

The Airborne Toxic Event on MySpace

Official Site

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hockey - Lollapalooza Artist of the Day

Hockey is one of those bands I wasn't too familiar with before the Lollapalooza lineup came out. Actually, I had never heard any of their songs until yesterday. Well, that's not really true. It turns out I had heard one song before, but I didn't know it was them.

In this post I talked about my debate between April Smith and Hockey. After listening to a few songs by Hockey last night, I have to say that I think Hockey have won out. I liked what I heard of April Smith, but I think I like this better. Sorry, April.

Too Fake

Learn To Lose

Hockey on MySpace

Official Site

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The schedule is out!

Main gate

So the schedule is out. I am a bit sad about a few conflicts, but it could have been much, much worse. I think I will have an easy time sorting out the conflicts I have, unlike Coachella, which was much more difficult for me. I say this now, though. As time goes on and I analyze the schedule more closely, and as I get to know some of the artists better than I currently do, it will probably become worse for me.

April Smith vs. Hockey: I like what I have heard of April Smith, but how do I, of all people, miss a band called Hockey?

White Lies vs. The Gaslight Anthem: Okay, I think this will be an easy one to decide, but it makes me sad. I love The Gaslight Anthem at Coachella, and I would love to see them again. But I also love White Lies, and I have not seen them before. I really wanted to see them at Coachella, but I was watching Conor Oberst, preparing to make a power play before Leonard Cohen. So, likely, White Lies it is. But still, sad.

Fleet Foxes vs. Crystal Castles: Evil. I've been wanting to see both bands. For logistical purposes I think I will end up seeing Crystal Castles. That and the fact that I generally don't like seeing quiet artists on big stages at festivals. But this one is tough.

The Decemberists vs. Thievery Corporation: This one seems like another easy decision that will ultimately leave me sad. I've seen Thievery Corporation twice, but I've never seen The Decemberists, so it seems like a no brainer. However, in my eyes there are two ways to do a Thievery Corporation set. 1. Sit at the back, chill, and take it in. 2. Dance your bum off. I've done the former twice, and think the latter might be fun. Sad.

Kings of Leon vs. Depeche Mode: Again, another easy decision that leaves me a bit sad. Like Kings of Leon a lot, and I've never seen them. Love Depeche Mode, saw them about 10 years ago. Likely I will be at Depeche Mode.

Santigold vs. Glasvegas: Another easy decision that will leave me sad. I've been wanting to see Santigold for a while, but I love Glasvegas. I got to the front of the stage at Coachella only to be told that Glasvegas canceled, and they were one of the bands I wanted to see most that weekend. Likely, Glasvegas it is. This is my only real big conflict on Saturday. So far.

Bat for Lashes vs. Portugal. The Man: I really like both. This one will be tough.

The Raveonettes vs. Dan Deacon: Man, I don't know. I haven't seen The Raveonettes, but, dude, Dan Deacon! He's awesome. And then there's Gang Gang Dance, who I'm not really familiar with, but I've heard good things. I don't know.

Dan Auerbach vs. Cold War Kids: This may be a tough call, but I don't think I'll be too upset to miss either one. Passion Pit may enter the mix as well. I'm thinking this might be a time to wander to see a bit of both.

For the most part, the headliners aren't a big problem for me, mainly because I'm not overly excited about any of them. I'll be happy to see the ones I will see, but I'm not excited about them as I have been in previous years.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That one nice day

Remember Sunday? It was nice out on Sunday.





Tuesday, June 16, 2009

April Smith - Lollapalooza Artist of the Day

Thanks for the add!

April Smith is one of the artists I had never heard of before the Lollapalooza lineup came out. I didn't, learn much about her online. Just that, according to MySpace, she is from Brooklyn. And, according to her official website, she is short. Oh, and she sings pretty, retro-sounding songs.

Bright White Jackets


April Smith on MySpace

Official Site

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Other Lives - Lollapalooza Artist of the Day

Other Lives is a band from Stillwater, Oklahoma. This is the sort of dreamy indie music I like to sit and listen to while doing nothing else. Just listen.

Paper Cities

How Could This Be

The Partisan (of course, I include the Leonard Cohen cover)

Other Lives on MySpace

Saturday, June 13, 2009

thenewno2 - Lollapalooza Artist of the Day

This is the first in a series of posts leading up to Lollapalooza.

I'm just as excited in the lead up to a music festival as I am when I'm actually at the festival. I take a lot of time to get to know as many of the artists I'm not familiar with when the lineup comes out, and that music discovery period is very exciting. I start rank ordering artists in my head in the hopes of easily being able to make decisions when several of the bands I like inevitably end up on stage at the same time.

In order to get to know some of the lesser known artists in the Lollapalooza lineup, I have been listening to the Lollapalooza event radio station on I don't think I ever would have heard a song by Care Bears on Fire or Lunch Money if I didn't listen to that station.

The other day, as I was listening, a song caught my ear to the point where I stopped what I was doing and thought, "Hm, they're good." It was a song by thenewno2. I was slightly intrigued because they were in the Coachella lineup as well, but unfortunately I didn't bother getting to know them before that festival, nor did I see their set. I had no idea who they were or what they would sound like, but that one song I just heard sounded cool.

I went back to what I was doing, and a few songs later another caught my ear. This time, not only did I like the song, but I thought the singer sounded familiar. Sure enough, it was another song by thenewno2. You all know what happened next - I had to drop everything I was doing and Google Thenewno2.

I learned that the lead vocalist in thenewno2 is Dhani Harrison. No wonder the voice sounded a bit familiar. There are times when it sounds very similar to his dad's. Speaking of which, the Beatles freak in me is highly disappointed that I didn't know George Harrison's son had a band. How did this slip past me? Has my head been in the sand?

Choose What You're Watching

Another John Doe

Yomp (from that Coachella set I didn't see)

thenewno2 on MySpace

Official Site