Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Airborne Toxic Event - Lollapalooza Artist of the Day

I saw The Airborne Toxic Event at Schubas back in February (with The Henry Clay People, another band who will be at Lolla). It was a great set, thought the lead singer's voice wasn't so good that night. I think he was having problems with it.

I was glad I saw them in February because when the Coachella lineup came out they were part of a huge conflict on Friday. The Airborne Toxic Event, the Hold Steady, and Los Campesinos! were all playing at the same time. I ended up choosing Los Campesinos! because they were the one I hadn't seen before. Part of me regrets not seeing the Airborne Toxic Event again.

Anyway, everyone I know who has seen the Airborne Toxic Event live has liked them. The fact that they cover "Goodbye Horses" is a plus.

Does This Mean You're Moving On

Something New (Acoustic)

Happiness Is Overrated (Acoustic)

Goodbye Horses

The Airborne Toxic Event on MySpace

Official Site


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