Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Jesus Lizard, Metro, 11/28/09

The Jesus Lizard

Last night we went to see The Jesus Lizard at Metro. This show was different than most of the other shows I've been to over the past few years. First, the crowd was older. I mainly remember the Jesus Lizard being around in the late-80s and early-90s, as opposed to most of the bands I see now who have only been around a few years. Usually I'm one of the oldest people at a show. Last night I was on the young end.

The Jesus Lizard

Second, the music is a bit harder than most of the shows I go to these days. It was sort of refreshing, to hear hard rock that is good, as most of the new hard rock I hear these days turns me off.

The Jesus Lizard

This band still rocks. I wondered why David Yow was sitting on a stool for parts of the show. It wasn't until this morning that I learned that he hit the floor hard while crowd surfing the night before (they did two shows at Metro, I went to the second one), so maybe that explains it. I don't know if he sat on a stool the first night.

Jim DeRogatis' review of the first show is here.

The Jesus Lizard


Anonymous Bill V said...

Sounds fun, wish I would have made one of those. Not really up for the nye show.

10:48 AM  
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