Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cage the Elephant, Schuba's, 8/8/09

We met up with my friends in the bar at Schuba's shortly before doors opened. We hung out near the door so that we could be the first ones in. Of course, my friend and I were front and center.

Cage the Elephant

It was a wild show. I knew they performed with a lot of energy, but every description of their show did not prepare me for what I saw. The lead singer went into the crowd several times, and never seemed to stop moving.

Cage the Elephant

When it came to choosing an after show for Saturday night, we had to consider The Raveonettes vs. Cage the Elephant. I don't remember which of my friends said it, but one of them said Cage the Elephant might be a better choice because they would be such a great bar band. Given that the venue was Schuba's how could I not agree?

Cage the Elephant

They have the perfect sound for a bar. I think it would be amazing to see them open for The Hold Steady. That would be an awesome show.

The most interesting moment of the weekend: The lead singer took a stage dive to crowd surf, and he didn't quite clear my face. After I realized my nose wasn't broken, I was concerned that I'd have a big bruise on my nose and eye. My boyfriend assured me that I did not, though I was still concerned that maybe it just wasn't showing up well because my face was sunburned. Turned out I was fine. Now I think it is kind of funny.

After spending two days at Lollapalooza, a pre-show and now two after-shows, we decided to go home and sleep instead of staying for Dan Auerbach. To be honest, we bought the tickets to this show to see Cage the Elephant, and while I have nothing against Dan Auerbach, it was the opening act I really wanted to see.


Blogger busterp said...

Nice pictures. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm jealous.

(They looks so young to me by the way.)

2:06 PM  

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