Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Hotel Across the Water 2

The Hotel Across the Water 2

Taken 9/9/09 in Sarasota, Florida

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Polkaholics, 8-22-09


We saw The Polkaholics at the Glenwood Ave. Arts Fest last month. They were awesome, and very funny.


There music was a combination of rock and polka. For those of us raised on polka music, it is an awesome combination.


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's finally here: Lollapalooza Day 3

I've been lazy. Finally, here's Day 3.

Sam Roberts Band

We arrived at the beginning of the day, again, and checked out a bit of the Sam Roberts Band's set, before we crossed the field and listened while sitting and waiting for Friendly Fires. Friendly Fires were great. It was really upbeat and fun. I really wanted to dance along, but it was really, really hot.

Next we planned to get food and take it back to listen to Portugal. The Man, but that was thwarted when we saw an open picnic table in the shade. A man sat down in an empty seat at our table, and we struck up a conversation. He was from Iowa, and took a train in to attend Lolla for one day, just to see Silversun Pickups. That's some dedication. We talked about music. He asked about other bands we saw, and other bands we liked. He was impressed the Leonard Cohen had toured again, and we told him about how we saw him at Coachella. It was a nice conversation, but we soon had to go across the park to see The Airborne Toxic Event. I hope he enjoyed Silversun Pickups.

The Airborne Toxic Event

We made our way over to the South field, and, ugh, the stench!!! It was disgusting. We had been warned by a friend it was bad over there, but I started smelling it before we even got to the field. Now, that field smelled pretty bad on Saturday, but I thought that had to do with the mud. But this was gross. While we were watching The Airborne Toxic Event there were times when there was no gross odor. Then the wind would shift. Ick. The Airborne Toxic Event were great, though. I loved their set. Even though it was hot, and I'd been to pre-shows and after-shows and 2.5 days in Grant Park, I was able to dance to their set. I had officially defeated Live Music.

The Raveonettes

We crossed the park again to catch The Raveonettes. We stayed up front for a song or two, but it was hot, so we hid in the trees and listened instead. It was a nice setting, chilling out and listening to The Raveonettes in the shade.

Cooling the crowd

After that we listened to a few songs by Vampire Weekend while waiting for Passion Pit. I didn't really like the Passion Pit's album when I listened to it because I thought the lead singer's voice was annoying. Whatever bothered me about it didn't seem to bother me live because I really enjoyed listening to them. I stress "listening" because, again, we sat in the trees and chilled and just listened.

Lou Reed

Next we went back to the North field and found a spot for Lou Reed, which was tough because it was already packed. We couldn't even sit on the field. There was no room for our butts. Lou Reed was late coming onto the stage, so we had to stand there even longer. But once he started I was happy. I wanted to be blown away, but even though I wasn't, I still enjoyed his set. I saw one of his concerts on Fuse or Ovation or something, and I had a sense of what his performance would be like. He doesn't really play up to the audience. But his songs sounded great, with maybe the exception of that really long drone section.

Finally, we wimped out. We left after Lou Reed's set, and went to an air conditioned bar and restaurant to visit with dear friends from out of town. Yes, I wanted to finally see Silversun Pickups and The Killers and Jane's Addiction, but I just had to leave, and I don't regret that decision at all. I had lots of fun with my friends.