Thursday, October 31, 2002

Friday nght we're going to go see Austin Powers 3 at school for free. I guess we don't have to go, but it's free and all and we both want to see it. Today at work I got a free pair of tickets to see Art Garfunkel in concert Saturday night. That should be cool, although I don't know any of his solo stuff. As long as he sings a few Simon & Garfunkel classics I will be happy. Sunday we are going to the Garfield Park Conservatory to see the Chihuly glass exhibit. It closes on Monday, so that will be our last change. It's supposed to be really cool. I have seen some pictures online of it, and I can't wait to see it. We're doing all this over the weekend, and it will only cost $2. The movie and concert are free. It's only $2 per person to get into the conservatory.

Today is the third day in a row that I was going to buy CDs during my lunch break. Oh well. Looks like I will have to try tomorrow. Tomorrow we are having a group lunch for a woman who is going to be leaving our little group. Maybe I will take my own car and stop at Tower Records on the way back.

Speaking of Tower Records, I'm very disappointed in them. I remember when there was only one Tower Records store in the Chicago area. It was one of the coolest places. We would all drive in from the suburbs to go there because they had different and interesting books and magazines and featured CDs from bands you never heard of. Now there are several Tower Records stores in the Chicago area, including the suburbs. The one in the suburbs is a couple of miles from my office. I went in there a month or two ago and was very disappointed. It's big, but not as big as the one in the city. They didn't seem to have quite the selection, either. They did have some cool stuff, but it's just not the same. I might be going back tomorrow, however, because it's the only decent music store close to work. There are several CDs I want to get, and I don't want to keep waiting to get them. Of course, I guess I could just wait until Saturday to go to the *real* Tower Records on Clark.

I got a few new CDs from BMG this week. First is "Room For Squares" by John Mayer. I like it. It's good to work to. I don't think I could really listen to it in the car as it's a bit too mellow for my driving taste. But it's good. Second is the Hoobastank CD. Parts of it aren't bad. There are a few other good songs, other than the ones released as singles. Some of it sounds a bit like Incubus. Although it's good, it's probably my least favorite of the three. That's not bad, though. Finally, "Maladroit" by Weezer. I really like this album! It's definitely my favorite of the three. So good! A few of the songs are a bit more mature sounding. It's interesting to hear how they have evolved that way. But there are still some really fun, catchy songs on there.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

I did a lot of reading yesterday.

I finished reading "High Fidelity" by Nick Hornby. I really liked the book. I was afraid I wasn't going to like it much, or that it would ruin how I feel about the movie. The movie was set in Chicago, while the book is set in London. Just in that alone, enough had to be changed just in setting. But a lot of the dialog is vertabtim, or may only have small changes due to differences in the vocabulary used in England vs. the US. Some aspects of the story are changed. Overall, I like both, but I think I still identify with the movie more. I don't know if it's because I saw it many times before finally reading the book, or if I just relate better to how it's presented.

Next I read the 2 "Cowboy Bebop" graphic novels that Tim bought me for my anniversary. I liked volume 3 better than volume 2, but they were both fun to read.

Finally, I started reading "Ismael" by Daniel Quinn. I have only read the first part (part? There are numbered sections that have numbered sections within them, so I take it the big sections are parts and the numbered sections within them are chapters), but so far it's very interesting. I don't know much about the story except the basic premise (a man being taught by a gorilla), so I can't wait to read more.


What I Learned Today
From Walter Mondale is the frontrunner to replace Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota on the ballot after Sen. Wellstone was killed in a plane crash on Friday.

Website of the Day
Hot Topic
I love most of the stuff sold in this store. Yay for funky stuff!

Lyrics of the Day
"Haunted" -- Poe

Ba da pa pa ba da pa pa...
Come here
Pretty please
Can you tell me where I am
You won't you say something
I need to get my bearings
I'm lost
And the shadows keep on changing

And I'm haunted
By the lives that I have loved
And actions I have hated
I'm haunted
By the lives that wove the web
Inside my haunted head

Ba da pa pa ba da pa pa...

Don't cry,
There's always a way
Here in November in this house of leaves
We'll pray
Please, I know it's hard to believe
To see a perfect forest
Through so many splintered trees
You and me
And these shadows keep on changing

And I'm haunted
By the lives that I have loved
And actions I have hated
I'm haunted
By the promises I've made
And others I have broken
I'm haunted
By the lives that wove the web
Inside my haunted head

Hallways... always

I'll always love you
I'll always need you
I'll always want you

And I will always miss you

Ba da pa pa ba da pa pa...

Come here
No I won't say please
One more look at the ghost
Before I'm gonna make it leave
Come here
I've got the pieces here
Time to gather up the splinters
Build a casket for my tears

I'm haunted
(By the lives that I have loved)
I'm haunted
(By the promises I've made)
I'm haunted
By the hallways in this tiny room
The echos there of me and you
The voices that are carrying this tune

Ba da pa pa...

Father :
What is it Annie?

Daughter :
You think I'll cry? I won't cry!
My heart will break before I cry!
I will go mad.

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Last night I went to see "Spirited Away". It is made by Hayao Miyazaki, who made "Princess Mononoke". He was supposed to retire after that film, but felt the need to make "Spirited Away". I think I read an article that said he made it for children like the 10-year-old daughters of his friends.

The animation itself is similar yet very different from "Princess Mononoke". Some of the characters were drawn similarly. But while "Princess Mononoke" was a dark film visually (a lot takes place in a forest so there were a lot of browns and dark greens, not a lot of bright colors), "Sprited Away" had many bright colors and some very beautiful "scenery". But the animation style is similar enough that you know it was the work of the same man. And it was beautifully animated. He really was able to show Chihiro's emotions, facial expressions were great.

As for the story, "Spirited Away" was absolutely amazing. It was such a cute story. I hate using that word because I don't think it completely fits and maybe is a little condescending, but that is the best word. Without giving anything away, it's about a young girl who gets separated from her parents in a weird place. She is frightened, but does everything she can to save her parents, and help anyone else along the way, especially people who have helped her. She is a very caring and giving person, not selfish at all. Her transformation from a scared, almost panicky, child to being very sure of herself is great.

This is probably why Miyazaki made it for 10-year-old girls. I think it would be great for young girls to see this film, I think it sends a good message to young girls. That being said, this is still a great film for adults to see, by no means just a kids movie. The creatures and spirits were cute, interesting, and unique. Lots of good messages in the movie. Very positive movie. There are a couple of moments that might be scary for children under 8 or 10 or so, but otherwise this truely is a family movie because I think it would appeal to all ages.

I really wanted to see this movie, and I thought it
would be good, but I was even surprised by how much I
liked it. This is a great film!!

Go now, go and see it!

Friday, October 11, 2002

Q: Why can't the Chicago Blackhawks open their beer?
A: Because they lost the opener.

Thursday, October 10, 2002

It's hockey season!

Yes, the NHL started its season last night with 3 games. Tonight the Blackhawks open their season in Columbus against the Blue Jackets. The Hawks had a great season (well, relatively speaking) last year, but I don't see that progress continuing this season. First, they lost Tony Amonte to Phoenix. They haven't replaced him. Granted, they got Theo Fleury (more on him later), but he's not a replacement for Amonte. Phil Housely had a great year, but what is he now, 38? How many years does he have left, and is this season going to be the start of his decline? Additionally, the Blackhawks are starting the season without 2 key players. Eric Daze recently had back surgery, and will be out for at least another 3 weeks. He had a great season last year, and I'm sure they were hoping for more improvement, especially after losing Amonte. Earlier this week the NHL announced in indefinite suspension of Theo Fleury for violating the aftercare portion of the NHL's substance abuse program. I wish the best for him in dealing with his problems. But his absense will be felt. I predict that the Blackhawks will struggle to make the playoffs this season. If they do make it, it will be in 7th or 8th place.