Friday, August 22, 2003

Notes and Observations of Life

--Today must have been cheap wedding dress day at the Filene's Basement on Michigan Avenue. I got off the bus, and there was this huge long line out the door. For those of you who are familiar with where I am talking about, the line appeared to be up the escalator (there is this huge escalator when you enter to get up to the first floor of the store, which I think is on like the third or fourth floor), down past Borders, around the corner, and all the way to Bistro 110.

That started me thinking: If I were to get married, would I want to wait in line with hundreds of other women waiting to look at cheap dresses? Wait for hours to get into a fitting room? As much as getting a cheap wedding dress would be awesome, I'm going to have to go with no.

--It's a beautiful day.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

--As I was on the el on my way to work today, a woman with 2 young children came and sat next to me. Of the the children was a baby who was in one of those carry-all things on her chest. He was really cute, but it made me really unhappy when he reached over and grabbed my watch and yanked on it. He was probably only 6 months old, but he had quite a grip. And his mom didn't even say anything to him, didn't try to get his hand away from my watch, nothing. And I was afraid to pull my arm away for fear the watch would break. If I had done that as a baby, my mom would have grabbed my arm and apologized to whoever's watch I was grabbing. But not this mom.

--I've been in a classic hockey jersey mood lately. I really want one of those light blue Quebec Nordiques jerseys. Or an old Minnesota North Stars jersey. I actually have a North Stars jersey, but it was the new style, the one they had right before they packed up for Dallas. I want one of those old green ones with the N. I got in this mood a few months ago when I wore my Hartford Whalers jersey for the first time in a couple of years. I have one of the blue ones, though. I want a green one. Oh, and remember when the New Jersey Devils' colors were green and red instead of black and red? Oh yeah! Oh, and the Colorado team (were they the Rockies?) with that rainbow. Yeah baby! Classic NHL! I found a store in Manitoba that still sells those old jerseys, and I think will customize them for you as well. That is a URL I will be sending the family before Christmas time.