Thursday, September 07, 2006

Oh technology, how I love you!

On Saturday afternoon our cable and Internet access went out, and we didn't get it back until yesterday. I'm not going to dwell on why it took so long to get our service back (although that would be a full post in and of itself), but on what it was like to be unconnected for that long.

Of course I missed having instant access to whatever information I wanted. I was unable to watch The Weather Channel every morning before getting dressed to determine what I should wear. I missed out on some news. I really missed watching the US Open.

But while not having television was bad, being without an Internet connection was worse. I realized how much I depend on it for just about everything. News. Communication. Entertainment. Information. Games. I felt lost.

So what did I do with that time?
--Did some of the puzzles in my sudoku book.
--Played minesweeper
--Listened to some of my new music
--Did some of the puzzles in my sudoku book
--Watched my new Pretty In Pink DVD
--Played minesweeper
--Made a new mix CD for my car
--More sudoku and minesweeper
--Went to Indiana

Oh, and I was sitting in the computer chair when I was doing sudoku puzzles.

Why didn't I do anything else? I could have read the book I'm currently reading, but I didn't. I could have worked on the knitting project I have been working on for months, but I didn't. I could have gone to the supermarket, but I didn't.

Isn't it odd that I am more productive when I have an Internet connection and hundreds of cable channels at my disposal than I am when I don't have them?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In the Country

Pictures taken this past weekend.


No one' s here