Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Last night I went to see "Spirited Away". It is made by Hayao Miyazaki, who made "Princess Mononoke". He was supposed to retire after that film, but felt the need to make "Spirited Away". I think I read an article that said he made it for children like the 10-year-old daughters of his friends.

The animation itself is similar yet very different from "Princess Mononoke". Some of the characters were drawn similarly. But while "Princess Mononoke" was a dark film visually (a lot takes place in a forest so there were a lot of browns and dark greens, not a lot of bright colors), "Sprited Away" had many bright colors and some very beautiful "scenery". But the animation style is similar enough that you know it was the work of the same man. And it was beautifully animated. He really was able to show Chihiro's emotions, facial expressions were great.

As for the story, "Spirited Away" was absolutely amazing. It was such a cute story. I hate using that word because I don't think it completely fits and maybe is a little condescending, but that is the best word. Without giving anything away, it's about a young girl who gets separated from her parents in a weird place. She is frightened, but does everything she can to save her parents, and help anyone else along the way, especially people who have helped her. She is a very caring and giving person, not selfish at all. Her transformation from a scared, almost panicky, child to being very sure of herself is great.

This is probably why Miyazaki made it for 10-year-old girls. I think it would be great for young girls to see this film, I think it sends a good message to young girls. That being said, this is still a great film for adults to see, by no means just a kids movie. The creatures and spirits were cute, interesting, and unique. Lots of good messages in the movie. Very positive movie. There are a couple of moments that might be scary for children under 8 or 10 or so, but otherwise this truely is a family movie because I think it would appeal to all ages.

I really wanted to see this movie, and I thought it
would be good, but I was even surprised by how much I
liked it. This is a great film!!

Go now, go and see it!


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