Monday, July 22, 2002

I want to be able to start saving money. In order to do this, when my lease is up next April, I'm either going to move into a much cheaper apartment or get a roommate.

Getting a cheaper apartment is possible, but since I want to have an assigned parking space, the rent would have to be much cheaper in order for me to spend less, including parking, than I am now. This would mean moving to a bad neighborhood, moving to a cheap suburb, or moving into a studio. I don't want to move into a bad neighborhood, so that's out. Since I want to still have CTA access, the only cheap suburb I can move to is Forest Park, unless I find some sort of mega deal in Oak Park. So of all these options, getting a studio is probably best. The only problem is that I now have so much furniture that I don't know what I would do with it all. I would either have to sell it or put it in storage, neither of which I really want to do. But if I find a new apartment with a large storage space I can move some small chairs and things in there. But still, not a great option. Finding a 1-bedroom apartment in the city, as well as a parking space, for less than I am spending now is going to be near impossible.

That's where getting a roommate comes in. For the most part, in the neighborhoods in which I would like to live, paying half the rent on a 2-bedroom apartment is cheaper than paying for a 1-bedroom apartment. This way I could pay rent and for a parking space and still be spending less than I am now. The amount of furniture I have might still be an issue, depending on who I move in with and how much furniture that person already has.

But the biggest issue is this: I have had a roommate once, for one year. That was 5 years ago. I have lived alone ever since. Am I going to be able tolerate moving in with someone now? I will be turning (or about to turn) 29 when this occurs. Isn't that old to be getting a roommate for the first time in a long time?

What sort of roommate do I choose? Someone who is a full-time student? That would be nice while I'm trying to finish my PhD. Maybe that's my best bet, even though most of those people will be a lot younger than me, unless they are grad students. The person must be at least 21, though.

And what if the person I choose is a bad roommate? Someone who won't pay bills or rent, or skips town without telling me. I don't want to have to start dealing with this crap now.


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