Wednesday, April 03, 2002

There is a mouse in my apartment. It has been there for probably over a month now. This mouse doesn't bother me as much as the mouse I had when I was living in a studio apartment. For one thing, this mouse stays close to the wall, behind the radiator, television, stereo, and bookcase. The other mouse was in my kitchen, which was much more disturbing. Also, I haven't seen this mouse very much. A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend put out a trap to try to catch the mouse. He placed it behind the television as the mouse tends to be there a lot. Since he put the trap out I have only seen the mouse once, and that was last night. So this morning I went and checked the trap to see if the mouse had been caught. Not only had the mouse not been caught, but the cheese on the trap was gone! How did the mouse get the cheese off the trap without setting it off? I was kind of mad at first, but now I'm almost proud of the mouse! How'd he do that? It reminds me of when I was working at a sporting goods store where a treadmill had been stolen. How does one steal a treadmill? I mean, if you can pull something like that off, you almost deserve it!


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