Monday, March 18, 2002

I could just scream

I live near a university. I have to try to find street parking every time I park my car. Usually this isn't a problem. Usually I find parking no more than a block or 2 away, except when there's some event going on at the university. Saturday was one of those days. I came home from driving my boyfriend to work. As I was passing the main entrance to the university I saw a lot of people walking around, indicating that something was going on that day. I started looking for a place to park. There were no spots within about 3 blocks, and there were several other cars looking for spots. Usually at 9 am on a Saturday no one is around. I had to park about 5 blocks away. What makes me angry is that there is a parking garage at the university that is very reasonably priced, and often for special events it is cheaper or free. But instead of parking there, and probably getting a closer spot, these visitors decide to park on the street. Those of us who actually live year-round on the street then have to fend for ourselves while all of our parking spots are taken. I don't get it. These are probably the same people who go shop on the Mag Mile and pay something like $16 to park their cars, but they can't pay a couple of bucks to park in a garage in a neighborhood where parking can be scarce to begin with. Ugh!!!


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