Friday, April 18, 2003

Yesterday was a great day. I was going to go to the Cubs game, and decided to go to a cafe for a couple of hours near Wrigley Field to study. I ended up in this cafe I had been to before, a couple of years ago. That time I was there to see a musician, but that room was too full. That place was cute, but packed. Yesterday it was nearly empty, which isn't surprising considering I was there at 10 in the morning. It was a great place to study. There was great music (Jimi Hendrix, Aimee Mann, and Flaming Lips CDs). I had a latte, which was only okay, but I had this great pear kiwi tea. Yum!

There were 2 guys in there. At first I thought they were academics. They just had that interesting crazy professor look about them, and they each had numerous books with them. The only book I could see from where I was sitting was a book about Mark Twain. Anyway, sometimes I would hear parts of their conversation. One guy talked much more than the other. I think he was trying to get the other guy to join a cult or something. Seriously. He was talking about all this meditating and prayer, and this workshop and movies that were shown, stuff like that. It was odd. They seemed like regulars.

I met my dad, stepmom, and my stepmom's brother for the game. We went to a sports bar across the street from Wrigley to get a beer before the game. Then we went inside the ballpark. It was cold, but not too bad. I had another beer there, as it's a baseball game. It's kinda mandatory. We had such a great time. It's been a long time since I went to a game like that with my family. My dad often gives me tickets to go with someone else, but it's been a while since we all went together. I enjoyed it so much. My dad has 2 tickets for next Thursday's game, and my stepmom can't go, so I'm going to that one too.

Anyway, after the game we went to an Italian restaurant across the street. It was so good. It's one of those places you always see, always think it would be good to try, but never do. I was very impressed. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm back in school and have no money I would go there more often.


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