Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I hate snow

Normally snow doesn't bother me that much. But today snow was a huge pain in my butt. There was about 6 inches of snow on the ground. A decent snowfall, but not horrendous. Usually. But because of the way the wind was blowing down my street, one one end of the block there was no snow on the street (you could see the concrete), and on the other end of the block, the snow was deeper than the bottom of my car. Guess which end of the block my car was parked on. So I called my boss and said that unless a plow came there was no way I could get down the street. All because of the damn wind blowing the snow all down that end of the block. A while later the plow came down. The street was now more clear, clear enough for me to drive on it. Only now my car was buried. I spent about 3 hours total (on and off as I needed a break from time to time) to shovel my car out. My boyfriend came over before he went to work to help shovel me out the rest of the way, direct me in getting out of my spot (like if I should pull back straight or try to turn the wheel, since I couldn't see the snow behind me), and be there in case I needed a push (by this time someone else cleared out their car but piled all the snow in the middle of the street behind where their car was). So to thank him I got him lunch and drove him to work. I parked my car on another block, where the wind blew the snow away, so there were no big snow piles.

I took a long hot shower when I got home, but I'm still really sore and my muscles really hurt. I put on some Tiger Balm, and I will put on some more before bed. Now I'm just going to relax. I can barely move. I want some pop, and I'm not willing to walk next door to get some. I just want to collapse. My legs feel like rubber.


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