Tuesday, March 04, 2003

So, the snow. Since this afternoon 2 inches has fallen. It's still coming down. I hope it doesn't get that much worse overnight. If it doesn't, maybe getting to work won't be too tough. But the guy on the news just said that they expect snow to fall at an inch an hour overnight. Great. You know, it figures. We haven't had a really huge snowfall yet this year. Slightly over a week before I leave my job, meaning I will no longer have a 25-mile commute, we get creamed. Great. Ugh. In just over a week, I will no longer have to drive to get to work period. I can either walk around campus or take the el to my part-time job. But no, the bad snow has to come while I still have the 25-mile commute each way. Figures. My luck.


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