Tuesday, December 24, 2002

I finally finished reading "About a Boy" by Nick Hornby. I was a little afraid to read this book because I liked the movie so much. But I really did enjoy the book. It has 2 main characters. Will is a single man in his late-30s who somewhat reluctantly befriends Marcus, a 12-year-old boy. The movie followed parts of the book fairly closely, although there were some huge deviations. For example, the book goes into much more detail about Marcus' friendship with Ellie, a girl he has a crush on. You don't see much of her in the movie. The movie has a completely different ending and plot twist than the book does. However, both are enjoyable. The movie ends up being a bit more predictable, but a bit more heartwarming. I can see how someone who read the book first would be disappointed. But I like both.

I watched the movie "I Love You, I Love You Not" Friday morning. The only reason I watched it was because Claire Danes was in it. I liked her in this movie. She plays a prep school girl who doesn't really fit in. Her best friend is her grandma (who she often stays with when her parents leave town) who is a concentration camp survivor. Daisy (Claire Danes) is a very shy girl who loves to read. She has a huge crush on the captain of the lacrosse team (Jude Law). They end up dating. Oh, and Dawson is in this movie as well. It's not a great movie, but not a total waste of time either. Some parts were hard for me to watch because they hit a bit too close to home.

Another movie that hit a bit too close to home in some scenes was "When a Man Loves a Woman". In this film, Andy Garcia :) is married to Meg Ryan, who is an alcoholic. She hits bottom and goes into rehab. The movie is about her struggle and the strain on their relationship. It can be a tearjerker at times, especially a scene toward the end when Andy Garcia is talking to his daughters. While neither of my parents are alcoholics, I relate to that scene too well.

"The Big One" was a Christmas gift from Tim. It's one of Michael Moore's documentaries. He's on a book tour, and in many of the cities he is stopping off at the corporate headquarters of various companies to ask them why they are laying people off when they are very profitable. These aren't companies going through financial woes. Ever since seeing "Bowling for Columbine", Michael Moore has been my hero. Oh, and he sings with one of the guys from Cheap Trick, too.

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