Saturday, December 07, 2002

Yesterday I had to go to this hotel for 2 hours for a meeting for all of my company's Chicago-area employees. It basically covered how our business did over the past year and our plans for 2003. We then had the rest of the day off. I did no work. I showed up for that meeting, which was lame and I knew most of that stuff already, but better to sit through that for 2 hours than work all day. Since Tim had the day off he came with, and waited in the lobby for me during the meeting. We had lunch at Thai Garden, walked around Ikea, walked around Woodfield Mall, and then went to my mom's.

My mom took us for dinner. We went to Al's Char House, which is a Texas-style steak place. The food is good. It's in this place that used to be another restaurant that I used to go to when I was little. It was cool to be down there again. It's in the basement of another restaurant (I don't remember what it was then, but now it's a Mexican restaurant). It's rather nice down there. You would never think it was so big while walking down the stairs.


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