Monday, November 25, 2002

My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult show -- November 23, 2002

The first opening act was VooDou. They seemed cool. They were sort of a mix of 80s goth and electronic sounds. The lead singer is a chick and I want to be her. She looked so cool, wearing an outfit very similar to the type I will be buying once I lose about 20 pounds (short skirt, torn fishnets, 20-hole docs). The bass player and one of the guitarists (both guys) were wearing long dresses. They were cool. The only problems were that for the first few songs the lead singer's mic wasn't loud enough so you could barely hear her, and she didn't have the best stage presence in the world. But they have only been together for like 3 years, so that will probably come along.

Second opening act was Cherrie Blue. Um. Okay. She only had one musician with her, a bass player. That and a DJ, the same DJ used by VooDou, so I don't know who he belonged to actually. The music wasn't all that bad provded you couldn't actually see her. She had a good voice, but ugh I couldn't watch her. She looked almost like Madonna in her blond ambition tour with the really long fake blond ponytail and the black clothes (alhtough her clothes covered more and she was wearing these hidious beige platform shoes) and her dancing was so this weird Hindo-voguing type stuff. Very odd. And there were like 2 tables on stage with people sitting watching the show from the stage. Very odd. Music not bad...but show not good.

Then My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult came out. Wow! They can really put on a show. How old are they now? The lead singer is so cool looking and just fun to watch. They did "Days of Swine and Roses", which I wasn't sure if they would do because they recoreded it with KMFDM. They probably got the biggest reaction for the song "Sex on Wheels". Unfortunately I don't know the set list because, while I'm familiar with a lot of their songs, I don't know most of the titles. Sorry! But they were really good. If you are into them, I would suggest seeing them live.


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