Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Yesterday we went to Michigan City to see Tim's parents. Actually, we went because Tim had a doctor's appointment today. But I like visiting his parents. And it's nice to go the night before so we aren't rushing in and out. We ate at Red Lobster last night. I studied all day and Tim went to the doctor. Then we went to the outlet mall. I got a pair of New Balance walking shoes. The soles of my current pair are starting to wear down, and I am using them both for walking and just whenever. I wanted to have a pair just for exercise, so they won't wear down as fast. So I got a new pair. I will keep my old ones to just wear around.

Michigan City is only like 90 minutes from here, but it's amazing how just getting out of the city for that little bit of time really recharges your batteries and such. Yesterday was my friend's son's birthday party. I feel like it was so long ago, like at least 3 or 4 days ago. And it was only yesterday (or I guess the day before since it's now after midnight). I couldn't believe it.

Go Ducks!


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