Sunday, March 30, 2003

Things I Noticed

We went walking around and checking out a few stores in the Roscoe Village neighborhood. In most cases we were the only customers in the store. How do these places stay open?

Roscoe Village would be a much cooler neighborhood if the Red Line ran through it.

Pineapple curry is good. But temperature (not spicy) speaking, the pineapple is the hottest part.

There were two men silently saying the rosary and pacing in unison in front of the Planned Parenthood near my apartment. My guess is that they were abortion activitsts, although I didn't actually ask them, so I could be wrong. The main thing is, though, that that particular branch of Planned Parenthood doesn't do abortions. If that is the one you go to and you need an abortion, you will be sent somewhere else. I think only one or two Planned Parenthood branches in Chicago actually perform abortions.

Every time we go to IHOP and order stuffed French toast it is served differently and costs a different price.

I know the movie "Pretty in Pink" so well that I can know exactly word for word what is edited when it is shown on WE.


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