Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Bathroom Update

The building manager came in while I was at work. The light in the bathroom was fixed. The entire switch was changed. It now goes on and off normally! Also, downstairs at the elevator, there was a sign saying the water would be off Thursday morning. Perhaps to fix my ceiling problem? I hope so.

In other news...

...it took me forever to get home. I had to wait forever for a bus, and the first one that came along was so full I couldn't even get on it. I had to wait a long time for the next one.

...I am supposed to go to Walgreen's tonight. There's a lot on sale. But I'm still cold from waiting outside so long (it was warm during lunch, so I left my jacket in my bag when I went to go home). Maybe I will go. Maybe I won't. Perhaps I will wait until tomorrow.

...there was a weird guy at lunch today. I went to this little Mexican place and sat at the counter. He was wearing a male version of my outfit (khaki pants, sage green top). He had red hair too. He finished eating before I did, and sat there watching me until I was done. When I got up to go, so did he. He followed me out. I ducked into a women's accessories store a couple of doors down. And yes, I was going to go in there anyway, but at least he didn't follow me in.


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