Sunday, October 14, 2007

When you're drinking and you see the Sears Tower beeping...

Last night was such a beautiful night. The weather was perfect. It was cool, but not cold. It was cloudy, but the cloud ceiling wasn't too low.

I took the train downtown to meet Tim for dinner after he got off of work. We weren't sure where we wanted to eat, so we walked around a little bit. The area was buzzing, perhaps because people realize that before too long it won't be comfortable to leisurely walk downtown for a few months. The lights looked beautiful, and I was disappointed that I had forgotten my camera, as maybe I could have snapped a few nice evening photos.

After dinner we went to my friends' condo for game night. We still had time to kill before we were due to arrive, so we walked to their neighborhood since it was only about a mile away. We walked down streets we don't normally take and saw things we don't normally see. I love that I can discover something new every day in neighborhoods I'm in all the time.

My friends live in a high rise condo with beautiful views of the city, including the Sears Tower. I sort of feel like I own the world when I'm in their home because the city is just laid out before me.

We had a lot of fun chatting and eating and drinking and playing Scene It. We won the first game! Those of us who don't live there tend to spend the free moments looking out the window. One of the other guests became very excited, and pointed out to us that the Sears Tower was "beeping". We all looked out the window and saw that towards the top of the building it appeared that there was a strobe light in one of the rooms. We all tried to come up with logical explanations for him because he seemed a big freaked out by the flashing light. Perhaps a fire alarm had been pulled. We don't know. But every time he got up, he looked out the window and told us that the Sears Tower was still beeping. Jokes were made that he needed a helmet with some aluminum foil on it. We had all consumed a few adult beverages throughout the night, which perhaps made the quote in the title of this post seem even more hysterical to us. The reason why the sentence isn't finished is because we started laughing so he never finished it.


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