Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The leaves aren't dry enough

I'm feeling a bit out of it lately, and I think I finally figured out why: It's still too hot out.

The weather we've been experiencing in Chicago over the past couple of weeks has been unseasonably warm. Many people might find this to be a pleasant surprise. I, however, do not.

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and I feel like I'm missing out. I don't like temperatures in the high 80s in the summer, let alone in autumn. If it goes from summer to winter even more quickly than normal I will not be a happy camper. Maybe my brain is rebelling, knowing that things aren't as they should be.

I can't stress enough how odd it was to go to the Blackhawks home opener in shorts because it was in the 80s outside. Then I had to put on a hoodie when I got inside because, hello, it's an ice rink. It's one thing if your team goes far into the playoffs and it's June (ha!), but in October?

It's supposed to start cooling off soon. Maybe I'll get my groove back then.


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