Friday, June 15, 2007

I generally want to keep this blog positive, but...

...sometimes living in the city means dealing with dumb people. And since this blog is about my life in Chicago, well, sometimes the stuff about dumb people has to be included.

I have already gone off about how I feel about some tourists. Today I will talk about some people who I think are Chicago natives, though I guess I could be wrong about that.

On Wednesday afternoon I was walking west on Chicago Ave., from the Red Line stop towards work. As I finished crossing Rush Street, I saw a woman on a bike coming around the corner from Rush onto Chicago. On the sidewalk. It was a regular bike with one of those tandem bike attachments on which sat a little girl, who I assume was her daughter. On the sidewalk. Following closely behind her was a little boy on another bike, who I assume was her son. He was on a much smaller bike, one that I think still had training wheels.

The turn onto Chicago Ave., still on the sidewalk. Mom manages to easily get through all of the people on that block and race over the Michigan Ave., where she was stopped by a red light. Her son, however, was trying not to get in pedestrians' way and not cut them off. And there were a lot of pedestrians. American Girl Place is on that block, and there is always a crowd of people in front of that place (it really deserves its own post), and so is the Ralph Lauren store and restaurant. The restaurant has outdoor seating, which narrows the sidewalk right there.

I'm sorry, but there shouldn't be bicycles on the sidewalk on that block. It's against the law, isn't it? I'm glad a mother wants to go bike riding with her children, but that is not the apporpriate place for it. Walking down the sidewalk on that block is difficult enough when there aren't cyclists.


Anonymous Bill V said...

Agreed! Biking in the city can be difficult, and I would never let a little guy like that on the street, but that mom needs to find some better streets to ride on.

12:06 PM  

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