Saturday, October 25, 2003

Simon and Garfunkel

So last night I went to the Simon and Garfunkel concert. This is dream concert number two. You know the question. If you could see any artist, dead or alive, in concert, who would it be? My first choice is the Beatles. Simon and Garfunkel were my second choice. I always I wished I had gone to the concert in Central Park to see them perform together. Of course, I was 6 at the time, so it's not like I would have appreciated it. I saw Art Garfunkel in concert a few months ago, but never expected them to tour together again.

The lights go off and there's this little film montage thing, and when the lights come back up, there they are, standing together. I almost started crying. Seriously. I'm a sap. Yeah. Anyway, they sounded great. They sang all of their big songs. There were only a couple I didn't recognize. They even did Slip Sliding Away, which Paul Simon said was a song he wrote after they broke up, but that he thought it would have been perfect for the Simon and Garfunkel sound. And it was. It was cool to see them sing it together.

Part-way through the show they sang a song that they wrote in high school. They said that the inspiration of the song was the Everly Brothers, who were their idols at the time. They used to listen to Everly Brothers albums all the time. And then the Everly Brothers came out. Simon and Garfunkel left the stage while the Everly Brothers sang Wake Up Little Susie, Dream (or whatever it's called), and some other song I didn't recognize. Then S&G came back out and all 4 of them sang Bye Bye Love. It was really cool.

The concert was great.


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