Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Cubs 4, Marlins 0
Do you know what commercial I hate?

It's the diamond ring commercial where, for their wedding anniversary, this man takes his wife to Italy or someplace like that. And he screams out in the middle of a square, "I love this woman!!" And the wife is all embarrassed. So the husband pulls out this huge-ass diamond ring and says something like, "Well, this will have to do," and then she gets all misty and says, "I love this man."

Here's why I hate this commercial.
--She's embarrassed that he tells the world he loves her. It's not like they are in church the middle of mass and he stands up and screams it, or a library, or something like that. They are just outside.
--It's all okay, though, when he gives her the ring. What a materialistic bitch. Don't get me wrong. I would love to the the ring in the commercial. But I wouldn't expect it. And I think a husband yelling, "I love this woman!" in the middle of a square is a greater show of his love for me than a ring. Anyone can buy a ring. Anyone can spend money. Especially if they have money. My guess is this guy has a lot of money, seeing as how it appears that they are in a foreign country.
--They are in another country. Is the trip not enough?

The woman in the commercial is a bitch.

Don't get me wrong, I love gifts. I love giving them more than I love receiving them. And I would love to get that ring. I just think this commercial is sending the wrong message.



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