Tuesday, September 02, 2003

My trip, part 1
I will tell about my trip by just posting what was in my journal. I will post it how it is. Sometimes stuff isn't in order, or I remembered something about one day on the next day. Anyway, here's what I wrote.

Monday, August 25, 2003
Notes on Sunday:

The theater where "Nine" is playing is around the corner from our hotel. As we went out to look for food we saw Chita Rivera and Jane Krakowski were signing autographs in front of the theater. Jane Krakowski is so pretty, and so tiny! She's pretty short and very thin. I was thinking, if she's that small, imagine how small Calista Flockhart must be.

We had dinner at Times Square Grill. I had BBQ shrimp. They were these huge shrimp served on skewers with really yummy BBQ sauce. It came with this cold black bean salad that was also very good.

Last year, as soon as we got to NY, I had this sense that I had to live there I would , like, die. That didn't happen this year. It's easing in. We'll see how I feel at the end of the week.

Notes on Monday

The atmosphere is very different at the US Open depending on whether you re at a day session or a night session. Today we went to both. While you have the opportunity to see more tennis during the day, the night session really is more fun.

Best line of the day: "Is he in your way?" "He" refers to a blow-up kangaroo on the shoulders of a young Aussie tennis fan.

I watched Arnaud Clement of France play no-name Brian Valahy. The crowd was clearly behind Valahy. Why? It's nont like they were all big fans of his, since most people never heard of him. WAs it because he was American? Or an American playing someone from France? If he had been playing another foreigner who wans't French, like Lleyton Hewitt or Gustavo Kuertin, would they be pulling for him? What if he were playing another American?

I was really glad we were there tonight because they had a ceremony to celebrate the retirement of Pete Sampras. It was really nice. He got a rather lengthy standing ovation when introduced. He got rather emotional. The more he cried, the louder the crowd cheered. Paul Annicone, Boris Becker, Jim Courrier, and John McEnroe all said a few words, adn there was a video message from Andre Agassi. Very nice. To bad I never had a chance to see him play in person.

Players I saw win today: A Venezuelan who beat Chanda Rubin, Arnaud Clement, Kim Clijsters, and Lleyton Hewitt.

Before leaving, I took a long walk, figuring I'd be sitting a long time today. I wanted coffee. The only cafe I know near the hotel is a Starbucks, and I'd prefer not to have that. I found a Dean and Deluca while walking, but when I went back to find it I couldn't. I will have to look again tomorrow.

We saw Kim Cattrell at the US Open. Well, at least on the Jumbotron.

Boris Becker, with his hair how it is, looks like Sigfried. Or Roy. I'm not sure which.


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