Wednesday, September 03, 2003

My trip, part 3
From my journal

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Maria Sharipova so looks like Tennis Barbie.

The Big Apple Greeter thing is so cool. You get shown around by a NY native in a neighborhood of your choice. We choose Greenwich Village. Our guide was a retired man who lived in Greenwich Village his whole life. He was very knowledgeable. He showed us small theaters where famous actors and playrights got their start; a pub that's so known it has no sign that used to be a speakeasy where a lot of famous authors hung out; a very elegant restaurant that used to be a stable. And many other cool things. He knew so much and was so nice and interesting. We never would have found those things without him.

The main hall at Grand Central Station is awesome. Pictures don't do it justice.

The Soup Nazi is closed for the summer.

I had the worst headache today. I slept most of the afternoon. No going out tonight. We got a pizza and we're watching tennis.

While I was asleep my mom went to the Hershey store in Times Square. Very bad. She bought a lot and we keep eating chocolate.

I bought some t-shirts to bring back for people today.

I would love to live near Washington Square Park. If I did I would be there every day.

Perhaps I should have gone to NYU.

I have been to NY 3 times and have sen so much, but still feel like I have seen nothing. There' sso much to see. I have never been to Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Staten Island. All I have seen in Queens is the US Tennis Center and La Guardia Airport.

It's too bad I feel like crap because I want to go out and about.

When I went walking Monday and Wednesday I saw this man walking his dog, the cutest litte bulldog! I want to see it tomorrow so I can tell him how beautiful his dog is.

Yesterday as I was going past the firehouse, and some of the firemen were outside. One had a tattoo on his calf. It was diamond shaped. It looked like the Twin Towers with a red, white, and blue background. If I see him tomorrow, I wonder if he'd let me take a closer look.

What I see when I look out our hotel room window: a yoga studio (earlier I watched them to yoga, but they're done now); apartments (I can see in a few, but not much); 4 restaurants, and a fifth that looks like it's getting ready to open; a video store; 2 small grocery stores; the subway station; a dry cleaner; a Starbucks; a hardware store; many tall buildings (some look like apartments, others like businesses); and a smoke shop.


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