Tuesday, September 02, 2003

My trip, part 2
From my journal

Wednesday, August 27, 2003
Notes from Tuesday:

My 2 new favorite women tennis players: Ai Sugiyama and Jennifer Capriati

We finally went to a match on a small court. There was only seating on one side. It was awesome to be that close. W ewatched the first set of Ai Sugiyama's match. She was killing her opponent.

The Michael Chang match was great. Although Gonzalez was ranked much more highly than him, Chang really stayed in the match well, winning a set. The crowd was clearly behind him. It was nice that Chang was in his last match and not completely demolished. When the match ended, Gonzalez said a few extra words to Chang, and he got a standing ovation. His TV interview was over the sound system. I was glad to see his last match.

Andre Agassi's match: As much as I love Andre Agassi, he so easily beat Alex Corretja it was actually boring.

Sally Field was there for the night session. I saw her on the screen, but was then able to pick her out in the crowd.

Jennifer Capriati's match: See Andre Agassi.

Capriati looked so cute. She was wearing a dark blue dress with white stars, cute shoes. And her hair was in two little buns. If I were a professional tennis player I would want to look like that.

Hinman/Roddick match: Very exciting. Roddick sure has a huge serve. One of his faulted serves clocked at 141 mph.

I must have had the dumbest person ever waiting on me at the cafe at the tennis center. She didn't realize that a "skim latte" is a latte with skim milk, or that a "blondie" is a white brownie. I can understand that not everyone knows that those things are. However, if you are selling them, you should know.

I put sunscreen on 2 or 3 times, but mythighs still got burned.

Wednesday Notes:

I went walking again this morning. I found Dean and Deluca again, but it was crowded so I got coffee at the place next door.

I passed NBC.

We went on a Circle Line tour arround Manhattan island. It was an interesting perspective, seeing everything from the boat. We passed all the burroghs and bridges, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and all kinds of interesting things. It's 3 hours and closts like $27, but it's awesome. The guide did the whole thing without notes.

Back to tennis. Why do some middle aged women feel the need to wear their tennis togs to the US Open? Do they think they're just going to go down to the court and play? What's up with that?

The Intrepid is an aircraft carrier that is now a museum. It was really cool, and if you had all day you could spend all day reading everything and seeing all the films. There were planes and tanks on display. Where was also a destroyer and submarine. We didn't go on the sub.

On Monday my scalp got sunburned. So yesterday I got a white US Open floppy hat. It's cute on me! Sunburns hurt, especially when you comb over them.

I have a rash :( Hopefully it's due to my sunburn. Not that that's good, but at least then I will know why it's there.

I met Caroline!!! She's so cute and sweet and I wish I could hang out with her more!

We met Caroline in Washington Square Park and walked to Little Italy from there. LIttle Italy is so cute! All the restaurants are cute and the waiters have real Italian accents. It's so much fun. And such yummy food and chocolate and vanilla cannoli!

We did a bit of walking around after that. I must live in Greenwich Village. I must. No question.

I'm getting the "I must live in NY" feeling again. It has reared it's ugly head.


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