Saturday, December 15, 2007

Icy hot


This is what it looks like outside my home right now. I'm sorry it's blurry, but I was trying my best to both hold the door open and take a picture in the wind. I'm also sorry that the photo doesn't convey the degree to which it is snowing outside. Because it's snowing. Hard. There's wind, and it's blowing the snow sideways.

Given that picture, you would think I would be curled up under blankets, drinking a warm beverage, and knitting or reading or something like that. Oh no. Well, that is partly right. I am knitting (although obviously I stopped knitting to make this post). Instead of wearing warm clothes and chilling out under a blanket I'm wearing a t-shirt, light pants, and no socks. The knitted garment on my lap is making me uncomfortable. And the window next to me is open.

If there is a blizzard outside, why is it hotter than hell in here?

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I have heat and that I'm not freezing outside. I just think it's odd that I've been more uncomfortable in my apartment over the last few days than I am in the summer, and we don't have air conditioning. This morning I had to use a fan in the bathroom while putting on my makeup so it wouldn't melt. I've been sleeping in my summer pajamas, and only using a sheet. The comforter and blanket are on the floor.

My apartment has radiators, and I am unable to control the heat. I guess this is one of the trade offs of having free heat. I mean, I could live in an apartment where I can control my heat, but then I would probably have a $200 heating bill every month. Come to think of it, perhaps the mid-summer feel in my apartment isn't so bad after all.


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