Monday, March 29, 2004

My Closet Threw Up

My apartment building doesn't have storage spaces. Since I can't afford to pay for a public storage space, I have to manage to fit everything into my apartment.

In the hallway there is one big storage closet. When I first moved in the closet was nicely organized. Since then, I have accumulated so much crap. Much of it is mail order boxes which I don't want to throw out in case I need to send something or need them when I move. Since all the shelves were full of the boxes I had stacked up nicely when I first moved in, there was no room for them. They all ended up tossed in the closet. Just thrown in, and wherever they landed, that's where they stayed. It got to the point where I have been keeping my suitcase in the hallway because I haven't been able to fit it into the closet. Something had to be done.

Today I started cleaning out the closet. I managed to throw some stuff out. There were some things that were stored in the closet, such as candles and holiday decorations, that I was able to store in the armoire in my bedroom. Now, I just have to deal with the boxes.

I don't know how many there are, but it looks like my closet threw up boxes all over my apartment.

I still haven't decided what to do with all of them. I think I will break down the Amazon and Delias and Burt's Bees boxes and store them in some of the larger boxes. That might work. I have a few boxes that are full of packing foam or cardboard dividers. Those are boxes in which I still have the items (dishes, jewelery boxes, etc.) and plan to use those again when I move. There isn't much I can do to make them smaller. Or the shoe boxes. But if I can manage to put some boxes into others it will help.

I am so uninclined spatially that it will be interesting to see how many tries I have to go through to get everything to fit. I wish Tim were here. He's much better at this than I am.


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