Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I have nothing of substance to say, so I'll ask a question

Often times after I go to a concert I have a little obsession with the band I saw, especially if the show was good. Not this past weekend but the weekend before I went to two concerts. My obsession with Johnossi lasted approximately 24 hours, at which time my obsession with UNKLE began. That obsession has lasted over a week now.

So here's my question. If instead of seeing UNKLE after seeing Johnossi, and instead I had seen a band that I had seen before, who would I be more obsessed with now, Johnossi or the band I saw before?

That's a weird question. Here's a better one. Tomorrow night I'm seeing Art Brut and the Hold Steady. I've seen both bands twice before. I've had the little post-concert obsessions with both bands already. Will tomorrow night's show break my obsession with UNKLE? Or will it not make a difference because I've seen those bands before? And why? Discuss.


Anonymous Bill V said...

Hmmm, all of these music obsessions will last for a period of one day or more, and I do find it to be true that usually no more than one or two obsessions can be happening at the same time. I'm not familiar with Unkle so I can't really answer this question exactly how you might like.

I am going to that very same show tonite (I chose the early one for a reason). There will be a lot of drinking for these two bands, and I predict that anyone at one of the shows will leave with neither an obsession for HS or AB, nor their previous obsession.

So I predict that come Thursday a.m. you will be a gal without an obsession. Maybe that will be a good thing for your boyfriend :)

My normal obsessions only last about a week or so, so it's probably time to move on anyway!

12:25 PM  
Blogger redhairedgirl said...

Interesting :) I will see if on Thursday you are right! It would be nice to be without an obsession for a while, listen to some other stuff. Although I think my boyfriend was enjoying this one. He was the UNKLE fan to begin with, and while I sort of knew their stuff I bought the tickets to the show as a gift for him. Now I'm listening to their stuff all the time instead of the stuff he doesn't like (such as Art Brut!) so I think he might like that one. But I'm not sure. Maybe it's too much? Maybe I'll ask him :)

1:24 PM  

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