Sunday, October 21, 2007

Still on a live music high: Friday

Note: This is not a review. I don't do reviews. Why? Because I suck at it.

Remember when I lamented the fact that there were too many good shows this month and I wanted to win more free tickets? Guess what... I did! The fine people at Flavorpill set me up with a pair of tickets to see Nico Vega, Johnossi, and the Shout Out Louds Friday night at Logan Square Auditorium. This was one of the shows I really wanted to see, and if I were to have bought tickets to one more show it would have been this one. Score!

My friend and I got there early, before doors opened. We saw John of Johnossi come out with his arm in a sling, which made me a bit nervous because the whole reason I wanted to go to this show in the first place was to see Johnossi.

I'm not fond of the Logan Square Auditorium, and this was one of the reasons I didn't buy tickets to this show in the first place. It makes me feel like I'm in my high school gym, and the stage isn't very high for as large of a room as it is. It was my second time there, and it was just as hot in there as it was the first time I went a couple of years ago. I hate hot. I must say, though, the venue doesn't seem quite as annoying when you are standing right in front of the stage instead of part way back.

Nico Vega came out first, and they were good. The guitarist reminded me of someone who would have been playing in the club Andie went to in Pretty In Pink.

Next was Johnossi. He did play with his arm in a sling, which I imagine had to be painful. If it was he didn't show it. I liked them a lot.

Johnossi Set List

Finally, Shout Out Louds. They were wonderful.

Yeah, I said this wasn't a review, remember?


Anonymous Bill V said...

I'm diggin' the Shout Out Louds CD. Wanted to go to the show but #1 had some plans with friends just to hang out and drink, and #2 yes I am not a big fan of the venue either. Saw Okkervil River there a few weeks ago, liked the show but it would have been way better elsewhere. Glad you had a good time!

1:14 PM  
Blogger redhairedgirl said...

I wanted to go to that Okkervil River show.

It's unfortunate that bands I like keep coming to venues I hate. Oh well.

1:34 PM  

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