Thursday, June 01, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

Yes, I'm neglecting this blog again. I have to stop doing that.

I have been quite busy, though. Tim is still getting settled, and there's always stuff to reorganize. We have both been trying to come up with good storage ideas (above and beyond just moving things into the storage space, which we have been doing). Tim has been rearranging all of the books in the apartment. He has put cookbooks in one section, textbooks in another, reference in another, fiction somewhere else. My dining room looks like a proper library! I got a bunch of CD books to put my CDs in. I will put the jewel cases in storage, along with one of my two CD towers. I love my CD towers. Each one has three cubes which turn. They're very cool. I will keep one for the CDs that come in odd cases, mix CDs, and things I just don't want to put into storage (such as my KT Tunstall CD with the autographed liner notes). That will clear up a lot of room.

Greg Maddux warming up.

Tuesday night my friend and I went to the Cubs game with tickets my dad and stepmom gave me (thanks, guys!). It was the one with the hour-long rain delay. It was raining so hard, and there was so much lightning and thunder, that we just left. We didn't thing the game would start back up.

Had it been an afternoon game, we probably would have stayed. But we left. At least I got this picture on the el platform before the train came.

I get home to find out the game had resumed, and that the Cubs were in the lead! They were losing when we left. Ultimately the Cubs won the game (!) and I wasn't there. Oh well. I was really tired anyway, but I am disappointed I didn't see the win.

Here's a picture of a beer man. He turned his head just as I took the picture.


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