Thursday, September 04, 2008

Now I haven't seen everything

I was annoyed on my commute home today by the men who kept sitting next to me on the train. They were the sort of guys who spread out as much as they can and leave you very little room. One of them was a skinny guy who still took up more of my seat than he should have.

The train was crowded, and once it cleared out a little I noticed this even skinnier guy on the other side of the doors who had his legs so wide apart that his feet must have been 5 feet apart. He took up the whole seat, yet he was small.

No sooner do I notice this guy than, at the next stop, the driver comes out and approaches him. I can't hear them talking, but I see the guy get up. I notice that he has a yellow rain slicker around his waist. The way he's holding it there, I got the distinct impression that the yellow rain slicker was the only thing around his waist. The driver kicked him off the train, and we were off again.

Wow. That goodness he didn't drop that slicker!


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