Friday, August 22, 2008

Where the cab drivers are

Sometimes I feel like I don't really things about this city that I should. I go a lot of places, and see a lot of things, and although I'm pretty good at exploring neighborhoods, there are things that make the city live that you only see if you are looking for them.

Late Saturday night we were coming home from a friend's house. My boyfriend got thirsty. We found a convenience store, but it closed 15 minutes before we got there. Down the block there was a restaurant that appeared to be open, so we walked in to get a bottle of water.

The place was packed! Apparently cab drivers go there after their shift, or perhaps for their break. As we walked it there was only one person waiting for food, but soon after many more people came in.

I have driven down that street, and passed that restaurant many times. Usually during the day. I've never been in the restaurant, or really even gave a thought as to going. But there we were, with a bunch of cab drivers, getting some water.

It made me wonder what else I miss.


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