Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lollapalooza After Show - The Blakes and The Whigs at the Back Porch at House of Blues

We got there a bit late, so we only got to hear The Blakes perform two songs.

The Blakes

Those songs sounded great, though, so I was really hoping to see them on Sunday.

The Whigs came out next. I had listened to their album once and thought it was good. I mostly went to this particular after show for a few reasons.

1. I was only going to be a Lollapalooza on Friday in the evening, so I thought that tacking this on would make it closer to a full day of music for me.

2. It was the cheapest after show.

3. My friends had already decided they were going to this show.

4. There were so man bands I wanted to see on Sunday that I figured if I went to this show, which featured acts who were playing the festival on Sunday, it would make Sunday that much easier for me.

Notice none of the reasons were because I really wanted to see The Whigs. Actuallly, I don't even think I listened to their album until after my friend told me I should come along. Am I ever glad I did, because they were absolutely amazing.

The Whigs

They played with so much energy and passion, it was really infectious.

The Whigs

I'm so glad I went to this show. I certainly left a fan of the band.


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