Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lollapalooza, Day 1

With a week to dwell on it, and my photos uploaded, I'm finally ready to recount my Lollapalooza experience.

I thought I was over my disappointment at missing the first part of the day. I knew all along that I was going to have to work that day, and I never planned on seeing any of those bands. A variety of circumstances meant that I had to work from home on Friday, and while that helped me conserve energy after a long work week (including a business trip which had me flying the red eye home Thursday night - a flight that was delayed), it seemed sort of cruel that I was sitting at home instead of seeing bands. Oh well. If I had been there all day on Friday I probably wouldn't have made it through the weekend. Or thought Friday night/Saturday morning.

I didn't arrive at Grant Park until 6:00, which was just enough time to grab some food and prepare to see Bloc Party. It was my fourth time seeing Bloc Party, and even though I thought they were great last week, I think it was my least favorite of the live sets I've seen. I don't know if it was a function of not being in a small venue or near the barrier as I had been the three previous times I saw them, or if it was the fact that I wasn't happy with the set list. I don't know, I wouldn't have set it up that way. There were two or three songs I wanted to hear that weren't played, and I think I would have ordered the songs that were played differently. Oh well, I still love them.

After Bloc Party, I went back to where my friends were, and listened to Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks while waiting for Radiohead to perform. I thought they were pretty good, but I was only halfway paying attention.

Taking a picture of a picture of Radiohead

Radiohead took the stage. I was really hoping they would put on a good show. I saw them once many years ago, as an opening act for REM, and I have to say, back then I wasn't all the impressed. I know many people who have seen them since and they all claimed that Radiohead was great, but I was hoping to see that for myself.

Fireworks during Radiohead

I loved their set. My only complaint was the screen, which was split into 6 pictures. From as far back as we were, it was difficult to really see the stage, and the small pictures on the screen weren't much better. But what was most important was how it sounded, and it sounded wonderful.


And then there was the drama surrounding the woman who climbed the speaker pole to watch Radiohead. It was kind of distracting, and I was a bit annoyed, but it brought a bit of surprise to what was a short day at Lolla for me.

It may have been a short day at Lollapalooza, but it certainly wasn't a short day. Next post: I discuss the after show.


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