Monday, August 20, 2007

It's that time again

It seems like winter sports are starting earlier and earlier every year. Perhaps time is just going by faster as I get older. But it seems like the Super Bowl was just a couple of months ago, and here we are, it's NFL pre-season time again. I was shocked to see a game on TV last night. And tonight the Bears take on the Colts in a pre-season Super Bowl rematch. How? It's summer! I'm not ready for football!!!

But I am ready for hockey. I bought a Blackhawks ticket package last week. I specifically chose a package that included the home opener, a Saturday night game against the Red Wings. That should be fun. I'm glad to see the Capitals are coming to town this season. Perhaps I will get to see Alex Ovechkin.


Anonymous Bill V said...

I hate to be the negative voice in your space but I seriously am waiting for the Wirtz family to die before paying for another ticket, and even turn down most free ones.

The Or-gan-i-za-tion is bad for the game, every other teams laughs about or simply avoids the team that is terribly stuck in the 60's. They've now lost parts of 3 generations of fans due to poor television philosophies, taking advantage of many of the fans, and the lack of star-power for the better part of the 25 years that I've been following them (have not watched much in the last ten).

Have fun at the games :)

1:03 PM  
Blogger redhairedgirl said...

It's no problem, there is nothing you said that I haven't thought about, and I agree with it. It's just that my love of hockey outweighs my hatred of the Wirtz family. There was actually a time when I considered supporting the Wolves and not supporting the Blackhawks anymore. That's when the powers that be with the Wolves decided the few games that they air would only be available on Comcast (I had RCN at the time) and that they would cease radio broadcasts. So not only I could not see the games, I couldn't hear them either. I guess they didn't want me as a fan. I was irritated and generally feel like Chicago has no good hockey option. But my love of hockey wins out over my hatred of local teams. I should say I also subscribe to the NHL Center Ice package, so I watch a significant number of out-of-market games, including most Hockey Night in Canada broadcasts. I love Don Cherry!

3:57 PM  
Blogger Fargo said...

I'm not ready for football or hockey. I'm just enjoying the fact that the Cubs are having a decent run right now. Even better if it lasts through September.

I'll be at tonight's Cubs game. When I picked this date months ago, I never would have guessed that the Cubs and Milwaukee would be at the top of their division, only a few games apart, and that this would be a pivotal series in the season. Pretty cool!

4:55 PM  

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