Monday, July 30, 2007

Like an episode of Cops

Saturday morning I found myself on the sidewalk at the same time as a man who was trying to get away from the police. At least I think he was trying to get away from the police. I'm wondering if deep down he knew he didn't have a chance in hell of not being arrested because his flight was really half-assed.

I knew something was up when I saw a police car pulled over perpendicular to the curb and it wasn't blocking an automobile accident. There were two people standing on the sidewalk near the police car, a woman and flight guy. All of a sudden he took off. "Took off" might not be the best word as he was just sort of jogging away, not really running. I would have thought if he wanted to get away he would have sprinted away down the alley or something, but no, he was just trotting down the sidewalk. The police turn around and started following him. Because he was just trotting they caught up to him rather quickly, so he turned around and started running back the other way. Toward me.

This was when I got a bit scared. I wasn't too scared because the police were right there so I figured that, outside of half-assedly trying to run away, this guy wasn't going to do anything too stupid. But I wasn't sure. So I sort of moved over into a parking lot to clear the sidewalk. He went right past me, and I saw nothing in his face. He looked vacant. I think that was the scariest part. Anyway, I just kept walking toward the coffee shop I was going to, and when I turned around I saw that the police had caught up with him again, and that he was caught.


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