Thursday, May 10, 2007

Everything tastes better at the ballpark

chilling at Wrigley

On Tuesday night I went to my second Cubs game of the season. It was a marathon 15 inning game, and yes, I stayed for the whole thing, even though I should have been in bed when the game ended.

Conflciting thoughts filled my head as inning after inning went by with no runs. I started to think, "Someone just score a run already so I can go home. I don't care what team you are on, score a run already!" Then when the Pirates scored a run, and the Cubs had two out in the bottom of the 15th, instead of being glad that I might get to finally go home and go to bed, I was upset that I stayed that long just to see a loss. But let's face it. I'm not just a Cubs fan, but I'm a baseball fan, and it's rare that I leave a game early.

The cuisine for the evening included a hot dog, a smokey link, 3 cups of Bud Light (which I normally never drink because I hate it) and a cup of Old Style. Everyone in my party agree that there is some sort of magic in the air at a ballpark that makes everything taste better than they would if you had consumed them anywhere else. Especially the Bud Light. The last few times I tried that I could barely swallow it, and yet it tasted great in the sixth row at Wrigley Field. Why is that? Is it the atmosphere? I've had Bud Light at other events where it still tasted like crap.



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