Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I've heard of rain outs, but this is ridiculous

Aramis Ramirez

This photo was taken at a Cubs game I attended last May.

There is no baseball at Wrigley Field today, as today's game against the Houston Astros was postponed due to snow. This is *so* not what I want to hear four days before I have tickets to my first game of the season. So far the forecast for Sunday is better than today's weather, but this is Chicago so one never really knows what the weather is going to be.

I have lived in the Chicago area my whole life, so I know I shouldn't be surprised or disappointed by snow and sleet in April. But for crying out loud already. The snow this morning wasn't so bad, but the sleet on my way to work nearly killed me. The wind was whipping the sleet right into me, burning my face and hands. Ouch! 99% of the time I love living near and working across the street from Lake Michigan. It's days like today, where the wind off the lake whips sleet into my face, that I abhor it.


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