Sunday, October 31, 2004

Pumpkin apple pie

Why was I always afraid to cook? Until recently, the only thing I wasn't afraid to make from scratch was chocolate chip cookies.

Last night I made the pumpkin apple pie.

To fully explain how little I have done in the kitchen, I have to admit that last night was the first time in my 30 years of life that I had actually pared an apple. That's right, I had never pared an apple before. Granted, I never really had a reason to, since I usually just eat apples and don't cook with them. This made me nervous. I'm not the best at using sharp knives, although this is probably because all I usually do is cut meat. I was afraid I was going to cut a finger off.

I managed to successfully pare 3 apples. Then I had to "thinly" slice them. What does that mean? What do they mean by "thinly"? When I make apple slices to eat with peanut butter I uaually get 8 slices. Is that thin? I asked Tim, and he didn't know either. So I made them thinner than that.

I prepared the apple filling over the stove, which was quite easy. Then I prepared the pumpkin filling. I cheated by buying canned pumpkin. I just didn't have the time to boil and mash my own pumpkin. Sorry. The pie is basically layered. I put the apple filling in, then put the pumpkin filling over it. Baked it. Let it cool.

Tim went to the store to get some Cool Whip. Normally I need some sort of whipped cream or Cool Whip to eat with pumpkin pie as it is too rich. I didn't know how it was going to be with the apple, given how much sweeter apple filling is. But given that I think Cool Whip should be a food group, I was happy to have it.

The pie was wonderful. The pumpkin and apple flavors really go well together, especially since the same spices compliment them. Tim doesn't really like pumpkin pie, but even he liked this one. Given the ease of preparation and the yummy taste I think I will make this pie again. I highly recommend it. You can find the recipe here.


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