Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wolves vs. Flames, 11/29/08

I really wanted to do something fun last night. I knew we would still have another day of the long weekend to relax, so I really wanted to get out and do something. My first thought was to go to a concert, and while there were a couple of bands in town I wouldn't mind seeing, I wasn't particularly excited about them. Then we considered a movie, and that was still in the running for a while, but we knew we'd be going to the movies on Friday, and I thought it might be nice to do something different. I haven't been to a hockey game yet this season. I knew the Blackhawks were on their long November road trip because the circus is at the United Center right now, so I checked out the Wolves' schedule. Sure enough, they had a game, and there were tickets available in the front row behind the visiting team's bench. Of course I had to take those, especially since Tim had never sat that close before, and they were a fraction of the price of similar seats at a Blackhawks game.

Before last night I hadn't been to a Wolves game in years. When I still lived at home (I moved out in 1997) I used to go all the time, maybe even for a little while after I moved out too. From the suburb I was living in, getting to both the Rosemont Horizon (as it was known back then) or the United Center were easy. Once I moved into the city, however, getting to the United Center was much more convenient, and I only went to Wolves games on weekends when I was back home. A few years after moving out, the Wolves started televising their games only on Comcast, which I didn't have (I was an RCN subscriber), and they stopped their radio broadcasts. I used to listen to their games on the radio, and that was no longer an option. It shouldn't be surprising, then, that my interest in the Wolves dropped off significantly.

Given all that, I was really excited for last night's game. To see the Wolves again. To see hockey that close. We had a great time! The Wolves went up 3 - 0, but the Flames tied it up in the third period. Wolves won in overtime. Yay!

The coach didn't like the noise




Wolves win!

See more pics here


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