Sunday, May 25, 2008

Buying cheese from Cheeseheads

Wisconsin Welcomes You

Yesterday we drove to Wisconsin to go shopping at the outlet mall in Pleasant Prairie.

As I experienced last week when we went to Indiana, sometimes just getting out of Chicago, even for just a few hours, really helps recharge the batteries. I felt relaxed and happy while shopping, even though the shopping completely tired me out.

I bought many articles of clothing and three pairs of shoes, but nothing had me more excited than I was when we went here:

Mars Cheese Castle

Although I get their catalog and have been past the place numerous times, until yesterday I had never stepped foot into the Mars Cheese Castle. How could this be? I love cheese, I love sausage. When it was determined that we would outlet shop in Wisconsin I was absolutely adamant that we stop in.

Mars Cheese Castle

I could have gone crazy in there. There was tons of cheese and sausage, a bakery, wine, and some microbrew beer. Ultimately we bought the following:

Andouille sausage
Cheese bratwurst
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale mustard
Dill mustard
Squid pieces
Cheese with blueberries in it
A beef stick to much on during the ride home
Chocolate caramel truffle coffee beans

I could have bought so much more. I almost bought some cheese curds. I wanted to buy some of the beer, but ultimately decided against it. And the cheese, oh my goodness, the cheese. I'm beginning to think we will have to make a trip up there every month or two. Seriously.


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