Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The hounds were out

It was nice out at lunchtime yesterday (before it started raining and the temperature plummeted), so I decided to go out during my lunch break. I went to the bank, then picked up some food. On my way to the bank I decided to take a street I don't normally walk down. I've been in a mood for discovery lately, and I wanted to see a new street with new buildings.

Instead, I saw this:

Yankees fans

Okay, I was actually coming from the opposite direction, so I saw those people from the front. What you can't see are many more fans on the other side, cops on Segways, and the New York Yankees bus. I made the mistake of walking down the street while the Yankees were boarding their team bus. There were quite a few children there. Shouldn't they have been at school? I know that a lot of universities are done for the year, but aren't most of the elementary and high schools still in session? It would have been a cold day in hell before my mom took me out of school so I could get some baseball players' autographs.


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