Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm Sad To See Him Go Like This

During the NHL lockout last year there was a lot of talk of players whose career could end because of the lost season, mostly centering on players who were towards the end of their careers and might have a hard time getting back into shape after losing a season. I read various articles that named players that might be forced into retirement due to the lockout. I seem to remember Luc Robitaille and Steve Yzerman mentioned most often.

I think there was some discussion about Dave Andreychuk in there, but I don't remember it specifically. Whenever I thought about players who would be adversely affected by the lockout, the first player I always thought of was Dave Andreychuk. Part of me thought he might retire, but another part of me thought he would give it another go.

He was such a great player and was well respected, and you really want to see a person like that leave the sport on his own terms. Yesterday the Tampa Bay Lightning waived Dave Andreychuck. Today he cleared waivers, so his career is probably over.

Jim Kelley has some good thoughts about this. I understand that Andreychuk was the sort of guy whose stick "would have to be pried out of his hands," but it would have been nice to see him leave the sport on his own terms.


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