Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tonight only

Tonight is the Paul McCartney concert. If I cry during the show, does that make me lame?

I have been wanting to see Paul McCartney in concert for what seems like my entire life. I have liked his and the Beatles' music since I was a small child. For one reason or another, every other time he has been in town, I have been unable to go. Tonight I will be there.

It got me to thinking about those musical acts that I want to see before I die. I have been lucky enough to see several of them already.

The Rolling Stones
Billy Joel
New Order
Simon and Garfunkel
Nine Inch Nails
Paul McCartney (ok, so I haven't seen him yet, but unless I get hit by a bus or something I will be there tonight)

There are a few left on the list.

Pink Floyd (complete lineup, hey, they got together for Live 8, so there's still hope)
The Who
Bruce Springsteen
Tom Petty
The Cure


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