Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I'm morified

I was getting tiling on my television. I called Comcast to have them come out and fix it.

At first the guys (yeah, 2 came out) said that it was probably my box. The are using these new boxes that are really sensitive, and sometimes result in tiling. The whole thing is digitial, so it was my normally analog channels that were tiling. They said they'd give me an old box and it should be fine.

So one of them was working on my TV, and the other wanted to check all the wires going to the main box in the stairwell of my building.

I must stop here and say that with the candidacy exams, knitting gifts, and puking all day Sunday, my apartment was in a sorry state. I cleaned my living room before they came by.

So one of the guys wants to see all the wiring, to make sure there isn't a bad wire causing it. It turns out some of my wiring was old and they were going to replace it while it was here. They started looking for the initial outlet. I found it. Behind a drawer in my bedroom closet.

They had to work on it there. Where there was a pile of clothing on my floor, including my underwear. Because I didn't clean my room. Because I didn't think the cable men would have to come back there.

I was so mortified. I'm sure they've seen worse, but still. One of the guys used to be married (it came up off-hand when he mentioned something about an ex-wife) so I know he's seen piles of women's clothes before. But still. All my underwear. God.

At least my cable looks good now.


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