Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Weirdos I've seen today

1. The Loud Talker
There is nothing more annoying than going to a little neighborhood spot for dinner, and you can't hear the conversation coming from the table of six next to you because the dude all the way at the other side of the room is talking so loudly.

2. They have to do everything the same
I was waiting outside an L stop this evening. A couple entered the station on their way to tonight's Cubs game. This particular stop has 4 turnstiles. The station was empty at the time, but instead of each going through a turnstile at the same time, they used the same one. The woman waited for the man to go through the turnstile before she went through the same one. And no, they weren't passing back the card.

3. Squeegee guy
This isn't novel, but I haven't seen a squeegee guy in years.


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